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mengatur besarnya lot adalah kunci sukses di pasar forex. tidak trading dengan overlot.


harga high - harga low x besarnya lot

1.35024 - 1.29093 x 0.10 = 593.10 $
= besarnya ekuitas minimal.
= saldo balance 600 $ adalah ideal untuk trading aman daily.

lot 0.10 adalah ukuran ideal
dibagi 2x open @ 0.05 lot.

info lebih lanjut tentang penggunaan lot penyebab margin call : over lot

lampiran : menentukan besarnya modal berbanding penggunaan lot

copas dari teman:
Hello and welcome to our FREE Forex signals groups powered by Absolute Analysis! 

In this group we will provide you limited signals at random from our VIP channel. You have a lifetime membership in this group however we do have lots more to offer to help you achieve your goals. Please see below our full services, let me know if you would like any more info or a price list.

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Before you start trading our signals please read the following.

Risk Management is the key to success in forex. We strongly recommend using 0.01 lot size per $100 in your account. Our trading method is to place two positions per trade, i.e $200 account size would be 2x 0.01 lots, $400 = 2x 0.02, $600 = 2x 0.03 so on and so forth. The minimum lot size is 0.01 so we suggest a minimum deposit of $200 in your broker account to maintain our risk management strategy.

Ensure you read every signal carefully as following the wrong steps could result in the loss of money unnecessarily.inbox me directly.

salam sukses dan tetap profit.

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